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At Overlook Contracting we are experts in new construction and we specialize in building a completely new space that corresponds to your personal needs and requirements. Thanks to our vast experience on construction we are able to deliver integrated solutions for any of your construction needs and we provide them along with quality materials, proper equipment, and professional workmanship. Because we know a new home or building is an exciting project for you to own a place that fits your personal lifestyle there is no better way to ensure unparalleled results than with our new construction services. Ready to make your vision a reality? Contact Overlook Contracting!


Being a company with 12 years of experience, Overlook Contracting has become one of the best construction companies. We stand out for reliability and integrity and we understand these are only achieved via excellent work and customer attention.

We always make sure that our clients are satisfied with the finished product through maintaining communication on every part of the process and the highest quality as this is our number one trait.

Due to our wide knowledge on construction and renovations, we have a better understanding on the different solutions you need for your new house and we implement this whenever you have a specific need for your new project. Working with the appropriate measures and expertise guarantees we are punctual with the project as we are responsible for the job and deliver a clean result.

Our premium quality is equal for every client yet we are constantly improving ourselves and our services. We count with the versatility to adjust our work to each individual process concerning our client’s satisfaction. Contact us to get started or to learn more about our new construction service. We are ready to assist you!



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